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Personally, I have no problem in concluding that young girls
AND YOUNG MEN should wait until they have reached a
certain age of maturity before they get married and start
having babies. In an ideal world both should probably wait
until they are 18 years of age or older. The main thing is that
they should be in a position to properly care for a
least the head of household. That means having the financial
means and emotional stability to maintain a loving family
atmosphere. I just happen to believe that such criteria existed
in that mormon communal sect. They certainly have an
extended family group to support the needs of those children.
Didn't Hillary Clinton say,"Its takes a village" to raise a child?

Anyway, the members of that sect are god-fearing, well
mannered, and humble. The kids are healthy, and appear
to be happy (I should say WERE healthy and happy). It is
only in state custody that the children are getting sick and
developing diseases. To traumatically tear those children
away from their parent, and/or parents, and place them
into a stark unloving environment(where they are likely
cringing in fear) proves that that pompous, arrogant,
megalomaniac judge is incapable of rendering any ruling
or judgment based upon sound reasoning or pragmatism.
But, to state that she is doing all that to protect the children
is absolutely disingenuous. The infirmities of her body has,
likely, warped her mind into becoming a personality intent
on showing the world that she is now God-like, and from
her bench she can twist reality and issue orders anyway
she sees fit- notwithstanding any constitutional restraints,
and/or due process of law. Of course, a major factor in her
ruling that those children remain in custody of the state, is
due, in large measure, to the fact that the bitch on the bench
has got her ass in a crack. She provided authority for those
storm troopers invading that peaceful and unarmed com-
pound with tanks and automatic weapons. What a bunch of
heroes. It would have made Janet Reno proud. It was remi-
niscent of a detachment of nazi gestop SS breaking down
the doors of a synagogue. And, what about the reputation,
hereafter, of the legendary Texas Rangers. "One ranger;
one riot"?Not hardly. We will now visualize them rounding
up them-thar dangerous little girls.

The problem for this judge relates to the fact that the "pro-
bable cause", under which she has attempted to justify
sicing the dogs on those kids no longer exists. It was a hoax.
And, the judge fell for it. Now, she is more or less compelled
to follow through with this outrage by keeping those children
in state custody. To rule otherwise would be to admit she
made a colossal blunder in the first place. So, now, the judge
asserts that she was not just rescuing a child held hostage, but
that she is saving all the children in that sect from a heinous
religious lifestyle (in her pontifical opinion) - a sect that believes
in plural marriages...with many of those wives being LEGALLY
defined as"underage". Nevertheless, under due process, any
testimony or evidence pertaining to an alleged criminal act
committed by a party or parties should have been submitted to
the district attorney's office who would have taken those partic-
ulars to a grand jury. Then, if the evidence showed a likelihood
that a violation of the penal code had occurred, that grand jury
would hand down a "true bill". At that point, the District Attorney
could have approached the judge to seek an arrest warrant, along
with a search warrant, seeking evidence related to the crime
alleged in the complaint. Those warrant(s) would then be given
to the sheriff of the county to serve and execute the said warrants.

It is absolutely an abuse of authority for a presiding judge to
appoint herself to handle all such legal processes, and/or to
simply ignore due process. Under this circumstance, how in the
hell can she then claim that she can be fair and impartial in
ajudicating any aspect of this matter. I simply fail to understand
why the lawyers for that sect did not move to recuse that judge,
and/or seek a change of venue to a more diverse part of the state.
I would certainly hope they are preserving errors by raising
objections to all the constitutional abuses made by that judge.
I would also expect that this case be removed to a federal court
(writ of certiorari )due to this massive violation of civil rights.
Finally, they should go to federal court to obtain a Writ of Habeas
Corpus. Those kids did not commit any crime justifying them
being held in detention incommunicata. And, there has been no
showing that those kids were in any imminent danger from their

All that court (along with the despicable CPS) has done to justify
it's actions has been to mount a massive smear campaign against
their religious belief-practice. There has been no showing of proof
in a court of law that that sect is living a life of Sodom and
Gomorah...even though the agents of the state are doing their best
to demonize that sect with allegations that it's members are en-
gaged in some sort of sex orgies. Of course, the ridiculous news
media is only to happy to report any such smear jobs since sex
mixed with religion grabs headlines, and sells newspapers. And,
certainly there are weak-minded boobs (who are incapable of crit-
ical thinking) who will always believe that the media is omnipotent
and omnipresent. Why doesn't the media conduct a professional
journalism approach to this story by looking at the absurdity of
what this judge is doing, and the implications of this case to relig-
ious freedom and civil rights in general.

Why don't they interviewthe children and ask them if they would
like to be returned to their home and mothers, or to be placed in
foster homes with people whose main motivations are mercenary
(collecting payments from the state). As I've said in prior posts,
I've never met a successful or well adjusted person raised as a
foster child. After their 18th birthday they are put out on their college fund, no support group. Also, if you don't think
many of those girls ,if placed in foster homes, will never end up
pregnant (or will not engage in sexual activity as underage teens)
then you just don't live in the real world.

The only "underage"sex"those girls engage in living within
that compound is as a wife to a man committed to provide for her
and her children.Contrast this with all the sexually active under-
age teens who are giving birth out of wedlock. For example, yes-
terday, on the Steve Wilcos TV show he profiled a young teen who
had given birth to 3 kids. She gave all kinds of excuses why she was
unable to take care of her infants...leaving them with whatever re-
lative she could find to take care of them. The last relative did sex-
ually abuse the kids for real. The father was on the show shouting
that he didn't give a damn about those kids or that "bitch". By the
time, social services did rescue those children they were all but
starving. The house was filthy with animal feces all over the floor.
The baby had a little cool-aid in the bottle. The older toddlers had
been eatingthe animal feces off the floor. Oh yeah, judge, those
mormon girls are being deprived of a lot of the pleasures of
modern life. They don't get a chance to smoke pot or watch porn and
violence on TV. And, they are not able to appreciate "diversity"from
other races. They could get to hang with blacks, and find out why
they are being called a "ho"( if they don't put out to the "brothers").
Also, be sure and watch the Jerry Springer show to further appre-
ciate the life-styles of teens living outside of a religious compound.

We have moved into a era of near hysteria about relationships
between mature men and legally defined "under age" females.
The word"pedophile" has become equally as an insult as the
word "racist". Political correctness and hypocrisy pervades the
air waves in this country on such subject matters. No excep-
tions are tolerated. Are any of you aware that Jesus was born
out of a pedophile marriage? Research shows that Jewish
customs in biblical times reflected that girls got "bethrothed"
before marriages. Those betrothals were equally as binding as
the marriage ceremony. It usually preceded marriage by about
six months. Jewish law permitted betrothals of females at the
age of 121/2 years of age. At the time Mary became betrothed
to Joseph her age was not exactly known. Joseph (who was of
the house of David) is usually accepted to have been in his 40's.
So, at the time of Mary's marriage to Joseph, most scholars
conclude she was probably 13 years old. Mary's mention in the
bible during the time of Jesus's ministry reflects that her life span
was due to her young age at the time of the "immaculate con-
ception". Joseph was not mentioned since life expectancy for a
male at that time was around 46 years of age.

A critical aspect of the invasion of that mormon community, and
the illegal seizure of those kids, concerns the legal precedent it
would,set if that bitch on the bench prevails in this travesty of
justice. It would mortally wound the constitutional protections
and guarantees which the framers have given us. It should be
understood by all citizens that government will always seek to
overeach in it's desire to regiment, regulate, and control the
people. Such is the nature of the beast. Toward that purpose,
government is forever seeking to enact laws, rules, ordinances,
etc. All such laws are those which attempt to tell the people
what they can NOT do. It is only the law, as set forth in the Bill
of Rights/Constitution, that guarantees citizens the rights and
freedoms as to what they have a right to do. Thus, if govern-
ment does pass a law or renders a judgement that infringes on
those constitutional freedoms and rights, it will be overturned
and struck down. That megalomaniac judge violated both stat-
utory law(due process) as well an constitutional law. There
are certain obvious legal concepts that require no discussion
since they have been well decided and accepted over the years.

For example, one is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law,
after having had a fair and impartial trial. But that judge has taken
actions against INDIVIDUALS of that sect as though some sort of
guilt has already been established by virtue of their being a
member of that sect. Furthermore, she would not be qualified to
preside over any such trial because of the prejudice and bias she
has shown to their religious beliefs and practices. It is simply guilt
by association. The fact that one (or more) priests sexually abused
little boys does not make all priests guilty. We do not charge all
teachers for being guilty of sexual abuse because one(or more)
teachers were proven guilty of such abuse.That judge cannot take
all of the children away from their parents by simply alleging she
is doing so for their protection. Who made her God? Let the state
prove by a preponderance of credible evidence in court that those
children were being neglected, abandoned, physically beaten
(abused), or deprived of food, clothing or shelter. Finally, lets get
this straight:Underage sex is, by law, statutory "rape"; but under-
age marriage is not "rape" matter how hard those officials and
the media spin it.

If this judicial tyranny is allowed to set a precedent, then we open
the door to government invading the Amish-Mennonites societies
(sects)...many of whom have less exposure to the "outside world"
than does that mormon sect. Many have no modern conveniences
(horse and buggy for transportation;no telephones,etc). Many don't
even have electricity. The following is from research off the internet:

"The most important Amish doctrine is obedience and yielding to
God, the church and others. Parents teach children to be obedient
and respectful and yield to the higher purpose of the family and
Amish community. Gentleness and peace are valued over vio-
lence and aggression. The second major doctrine is separation
from the outside world. Since there is "evil" and "sinners" in the
outside world, the amish try to protect their membership by sep-
arating themselves from the rest of the world. To keep the com-
munity together and their lives simple, amish leaders decided to
outlaw automobiles and use horses for farm work and transporta-
tion. Children are nurtured by all members of the family and
create bonds with their numerous relatives".

[When there are allegations that young mormon girls are "forced"
into marriage with older men, such "force" is most likely to have
been simply a matter of having been taught (like the amish) to be
obedient to the church. And, if you want to call that "conditioning"
then same can be said of any religion - whose members follow
the teachings and tenets of their church/religion. The reason we
have freedom of religion is that one denomination does not have
the right to impose their beliefs, and/or standards, on another
religious group (or secular group for that matter.)]

Additionally, there are orthodox jewish communities(mainly
hasidic) that also have removed themselves from the outside
world and have their own code of morality. Many of them permit,
and/or encourage, legally defined "underage"marriages. The
wives are taught that procreation is a primary duty of a wife.
Also, many of the men marry the girls through"arranged"mar-
riages...or after using the services of a marriage broker. "Arranged"
marriages are quite common in many other cultures - especially
in India and in muslem countries. Shouldn't officials in those
localities follow the precedent set by the megalomaniac to,
likewise, invade those communities and take the children away
these other groups?

But, then, the big question is: Are we going to continue to pass and
enforce laws that are more intended to force citizens to conform
to government's view of morality, rather than concentrate on
passing laws that protect out borders; control wasteful govern-
ment spending; reform trade policies that place our country at
a competitive disadvantage; overhaul our public education system;
fix medicare by reforming our health care system; stop the flood of
illegal aliens who soak up social services intended for citizens; stop
government from raiding the social security trust fund; balance the
budget; reform the IRS and establish a flat tax system; derail plans
to build that NAFTA superhighway...whereby we are to pay a huge
amount for our portion of the highway, plus agreeing to pay for
Mexico's portion that boondoggle (the taxpayers didn't agree);
move the UN out of the US...or, at least, stop paying a dispropor-
tionate amount of their budget to finance their anti-american
programs and rhetoric ,and; GET OUT YOUNG MEN THE HELL
OUT OF IRAQ NOW. Pull out and just let those muslems

Many scientists, involved in genetic research, will admit that
the initial body of work in this field can be traced back to the
nazi government in Germany during the 1940s. Much of the
motivation for that research can be attributed to Hitler and
his henchmen seeking to prove that germans were a genet-
ically superior master race. For a long period after the war,
any work in genetics was looked upon with suspicion (as
though it might be a continuation of trying to prove one
race superior to another race). But with the breakthrough
of the human genome project, in which we discovered the
DNA matrix, and could begin to see where DNA markers
could be a basis for finding solutions to diseases, and
pre-natal testing could be used to determine whether or
not a fetus had markers that predisposed it to diseases
(that might justify abortion), we began to look at genetics
in a much more positive light.

But nobody should ever forget the absolute horrors that nazi
scientists, such as Dr Josef Mengele and others, used in carry-
ing out their research. They used Jews, gypsies, Jehovah
Witnesses, and others imprisoned populations, to conduct ex-
periments which amounted to nothing less than being tortured
to death. Mengele had a particular fascination with twins. He
subjected them to freezing of limbs, burnings of limbs and
amputating of body parts to measure pain endurance. None
of those experiments were used with any form of anesthesia.
When the screaming became too loud, Mengele would stuff
gags in their mouths.

Mengele's DNA experiments degenerated into a program for
testing of Germans toward compelling many Germans ,thought
to be inferior , to submit to sterilization. It is reported that
two million germans were forcibly sterilized - most between
15 to 17 years of age. As we know, the nazis finally moved on
to mass murder of those who were shipped to the death camps.
This was known as THE FINAL SOLUTION.

Today, the only reservations we have with genetics and DNA
testing is whether or not society will began to use DNA as a
form of discrimination. Issues such as using DNA testing for
hiring decisions, refusing to extend insurance to those with
markers for diseases,etc. The select committee report on
human genetics of The Nuffield Council on Bioethics stated
that misuse of genetic information, related to an individ-
ual's right to privacy and confidentiality of medical informa-
tion, should be made a criminal and civil offense. A movie
that reflects how a future society would use DNA to deter-
mine which DNA classification gets the opportunities and
better jobs while those with questionable markers are rele-
gated to janitor jobs etc., is called, "Gattaca".(A chilling movie)

As above stated, DNA testing can be used for positive pur-
poses. For example, in Dallas County, Texas we are releasing
one prison inmate after another when DNA testing is show-
ing that a great many of the accused could not have commit-
ted the rape/murder of a women...for which they have been
in prison for 20 years or more. Thankfully, we no longer have
Henry Wade as the District Attorney for this county. Though
during his long tenure, a number of innocent people were rail-
roaded into prison by a combination of prosecutorial miscon-
duct, and Judges, (like the megalomaniac in the instant case),
who failed to insure that trials were "fair" or "impartial". We
now have a DA who appears to believe what Justice Learned
Hand once said, "A prosecutor's job is not to get convictions,
but to see that justice is done".

Also, no one would argue that DNA testing of people, who are
likely suspects in a crime, need to be tested to determine guilt
or establish innocence. But, in the case of that mormon sect,
where that judge is trying to force compulsory dna testing of
all the members of that sect, simply to engage in a geneological
and pedigree witchhunt, is ridiculous. If you put a newborn calf,
or kid(sheep) out into the herd or flock, it will find its biological
mother...and the mother will find it's newborn.The members
of that sect know who belongs to who. And, any order from that
judge which amounts to constructing a family tree is wholly irrel-
evant....and simply is an unconstitutional invasion of privacy.
The primary issue is that those children should never have been
taken from their families in the first place. Even if one of the
women left the sect and abandoned her child to be raised by
another women (stepmother or second wife if that makes you
happy) that women should also be entitled to have the custody
of that child restored to her. All of this DNA hoopla is only acover and
stall by that judge to have the children dispersed across the state, and
out of that court's jurisdiction. Leading those mothers to believe that
by complying with DNA testing they would get their children back
is simply a cruel hoax...and one more example of lies which those
officials have been using throughout this case. The attorneys for that
sect ought to tell those men to refuse to cooperated with such order for
DNA testing - since it is likely this vicious judge might use such tests
tests in an attempt to prosecute the husbands for statutory rape.

That judge has once again raised the spector of fear and suspicion
regarding the inappropriate use of DNA testing by government.
Thanks to her, Texas might be easily be regarded as the heir to
another specter of a FINAL SOLUTION. Shades of Nazi Germany.
Seig Heil, judge.

Conventionality is not morality
Self-righteousness in not religion
(author unknown)

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doran williams said...

Impressive post. I find a lot in it with which to agree, particularly your comments about due process, the lack of probable cause to support the issuance of the first search and arrest warrant, and the quality of the judicial acts. I hope you will continue to address these issues, and to broaden your scope to de-constructing Ranger Long's first affidavit, which I consider to be mostly fiction, dissembling, ommission, fear-mongering, and maybe some lies under oath.

There may be some long-term benefits to come out of what is, for the Eldorado Kids, both a short- and long-term disaster. I think the actions of the CPS, the Texas Rangers, the local judge, and the local State Representative have so angered so many people in Texas, and the Nation, that there will be a significant back lash which may, which could, bring about some reforms by the Legislature. I don't hold my breath waiting for the Texas Lege to do the right thing, but in this case I think there may be some momentum.

BTW, the thing about "one riot, one Ranger" is a Texas myth. I doubt that it was ever that way. When I was in South Texas trying to contribute some effort in support of the Farm Worker's Strike, there were 3 Rangers assigned there to help break the strike. Three. And there were not even any riots. I met those Rangers, talked to them, talked to people they had assaulted and people they had struck with a shotgun (leaving side-by-side round bruises -- it was a double barrel shotgun), and came away with the impression that DPS had dumped three losers/Rangers in Rio Grande City who were either incompetent or psychopathic, or both. Too many people, including Rangers themselves, have come to accept the propaganda that Rangers are the cream of the crop. Well, cream is not the only thing that rises to the top.

I hope that it will become abundantly clear to the judge who issued the first search and arrest warrant, based on the affidavit of Ranger Long, that she was snookered by a Texas Ranger into doing so in the absence of probable cause. That knowledge will make it harder for the next office cowboy wearing a badge to fool her.