Monday, April 14, 2008

Texas Might Never Live Down The Disgrace

Texas Might Never Live Down This Disgrace

The state of Texas, and its accomplices, has, apparently, completed its raid
and kidnapping of those children at that Mormon sect. We have now moved
to the demonization phase...whereby these facists are spewing out whatever
spin and distortions they can conjure up in an attempt to justify one of the most
grievous assaults upon the constitution - not witnessed since the massacre of
the Davidians at Waco.

But then, lets interpret some of this demonization. They are continually using
"rape","sexual assault", "abuse" and other derogatory allegations(unsubstantiated).
The state might attempt to prosecute underage marriages themselves, but the above
words are not appropriate or accurate to be applied to those within a marital relation-
ship. They also demean the marriage ceremony when they refer to it as a spiritual
marriage. What the hell is any marriage but a "spiritual" ritual. One can be married
at one of the Elvis Presley chapels in Vegas after some joker utters the standard
"Do you take this man.......blah, blah........Do you take this woman.....blah, blah. "I
now pronounce you husband and wife" Now pay us and the witness.

My biggest concern, at this point, is the very real abuse by the state in conducting
an inquisition of these very young children without permission from their parents. I'm sure the state is quite anxious to obtain any statements favorable to justifying their absurd actions.

A number of parents have written the governor to make him aware that those
children are not only very frightened from being examined and probed in their private parts but are getting sick on the food that is altogether different from that which they are not used to eating. They have been taught that outside food is poisonous. Which is not too far wrong. Those kids have those rosy cheeks and overall health because they have probably been fed a diet of fresh vegitables and fruit. They have not known the delights of fat-burgers and canned food full of chemicals and food dyes. Actually, the human intestines were never meant to digest meats. The guts are too long and the waste putrifies before it can be expelled. Children outside that sect are fatsos - after eating all the twinkies and other junk food. Most will develope diabtes before their 21st birthday.

Also, again, we will see history repeating itself.... while the interrogations of those children might very well produce statements from the kids which will be made in a manner they feel is what the interrogator wishes to hear. Some years ago we had
the notorious McMartin preschool case . The children told of demon practices and
the sacrifice of animals. Also that the teachers were committing all sorts of sexual abuses upon them - uncluding a knife being pushed up the anus of one child (but with no wounds whatever). That case set off similar allegations of abuse all over the world. After 7 years of prosecutions against that school, the case was finally thrown out. It still hold the record as the most expensive prosecution in the state of California. No wonder the state of Texas does not want to take action through legal processes. It would far exceed the cost of that McMartin case.

However, I simply cannot understand why that sect cannot hire attorneys to sue the parties
individually and the state of Texas under which those parties acted in agency
capacity. They should sue in the Federal government since it was a blatant violation
of civil rights.

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