Friday, April 11, 2008

Texas InvadesThe Mormons


It would appear that we have forgotten the abuse of government power that

culminated in the fiery deaths of many innocent children at Waco. Thus, are we

doomed to repeat a similar government intrusion under the guise of a heroic

"rescue" by the jack-booted authorities in Texas. That group of mormons -

like the davidians at Waco - should have had the right to exercise their freedom of

religion and life style as they saw fit. I would rather tolerate that sect of christians

practicing polygamy in this country, rather than tolerate moslems practicing and

teaching jihad against this country. But government protects the latter under

freedom of religion...while denying such protection to the former. Even under this

intolerance, I doubt they have a leader preaching,"G..damn America."

While some tenets of their faith might include the practice of polygamy, they pose

no danger or threat, whatever, to any citizen outside that cloistered sect. It certainly

does not justify one of the most repugnant abuses of authority and constitutional

rights that has occurred in recent history - save and except for the massacre of the

davidians at Mount Carmel outside Waco. In such cases of religious practice why

can't the government extend its, "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Or, perhaps, we can

grant such communities a "sanctuary" status - as some cities have provided to

illegal aliens (many of whom come here to commit murder and mahem...not to men-

tion soaking up taxpayer money to support them). Also, if it was homosexuality

that was being practiced by that sect, then the state would probably not only permit

such deviations but would force children in schools to read books entitled, "Why

Johnnie has two fathers".

The state acted against the davidians under a pretext of enforcing a violation of

some firearms regulation...even though the members involved held gun dealership

licenses. The state of Texas alleges they were moved to act against that mormon

sect because because of some unsubstantiated complaint by a minor female who

,mysteriously, can't be located? The judge who authorized that massive violation of

constitutional rights against those mormons should be remembered in history as

having graduated with top honors from the Judge Roy Bean school of law. Where

is due process of law in all of this? Perhaps the judge is a baptist who was moved to

assist that First Baptist Church to haul away those mormons to be converted to their

tight-ass interpretation of the bible.

But ,seriously, how can the state deny the constitutional rights of an entire group of

people; invade their private property ; and round them up like a bunch of cattle being

moved into holding pens? Has West Texas suspended the concept of habeous

corpus in this country? All this on the basis of an "alleged" UNSWORN complaint?

And, even if there was a valid complaint against a particular man, how can this be

the basis for an overly broad search warrant to seize all the records (electronic and

otherwise) within an entire community. In reality, it is a fishing expedition to find

any sort of evidence that might support an offense to justifiy its precipitous action.

Talk about fruit from the poisonous tree.

Actually, the real motivation for such abuses of government - both at Waco and at

that mormon compound - is simply this: Government just can't accept the idea that

there are groups of people who simply wish to be left alone... to live thier lives

outside the conformities which most of us are forced into by political correctness,

and the hypocrisy of what is perceived to be the correct way to conduct out lives.

The action of this state government - against that mormon sect - disrupting the lives

of those individuals from a stable and caring family setting is both ludicrous and ill-

advised. The trauma that will be suffered by those children, in being torn from their

families, will endure long after the state of Texas has satisfied its sactimonious

reasoning for pursuing such facist tactics.

The fact is this country has become obsessed with age differentials between mature

men and underage teens. But, there are few families (at least in the South), who

trace their ancestory that cannot find a grandmother,great-grandmother, or great-

great grandmother who did not marry their grandfather as an underage teen...who

went on to produce large and happy families(for the most part). Loretta Lynn married

her older husband when she was 13 years of age. Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13

year old cousin when she was 13 years old. Today, we would, undoubtedly, attempt

to charge those males with rape and/or sexual abuse.

79 % of black babies are born out of wedlock. Most of them to teens 15 years

of age or younger. But, according to the state of Texas, there is now a law that

prohibits marriage at 16 years or younger - even if the parents give permission

for such marriages. So, the result of that law guarantees babies born out of wedlock,

because teen girls are having sex - whether married or not. The difference is that

now the taxpayers will have to provide welfare support for those babies...with no

obligation from a husband. The teens in that mormon sect appear clean, happy,

healthy and protected...and have the support of a husband (even if he is husband

and father to others).

Now, the state of Texas will be taking over those children. And, that ridiculous

Child Protective Services(CPS) will be responsible for placing them into foster

homes. I have never met a person who grew up in a foster home that was well

adjusted and amounted to anything in life. There will usually be 2 or more foster

children in those homes, and the main incentive of the foster parents is to live on

the income provided by the state. Most treat their wards like unloved servants.

Also, we are now well aware of how Texas takes care of minors. A good example

comes from all the recent horror stories concerning the TexasYouth Authority.

The kids locked up in those facilities are beaten and raped for real - by both the

inmates and the guards. So, notwithstanding the demonization process that

is underway to validate the state's action, the conditions which these orphaned

children will now have to endure, as wards of the state, is almost guaranteed to

cause those children to have a much more unhappy childhood.

Shame of you state of Texas. Pray for forgiveness, kangaroo court judge.

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