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Never have I seen a case where a state agency (CPS) has relied
so heavily on a smear campaign made up of lie after lie to justify
their actions (and those of other state agencies - including that
of a warped District Judge). That is, undoubtedly, why that judge
has never issued a gag order in this case. They hope the focus
of the public will be diverted to those absurd lies and vile con-
jectures, rather than a consideration of facts NOT in evidence
...and will not view this travesty of justice for the unconscionable
violation of civil rights which it is.


1. First of all, there should never have been an invasion of that
private property. The pretext for that armed intrusion (a hoax
perpetrated by that neurotic black girl) might have risen to
"probable cause" but how did that justify breaking into their
safe and all of their files and computers? Actually, facts have
now come to light that the authorities knew ahead of that raid
that the supposed culprit had been out of the state for several
years. That makes all such seizures of property and children
even more illegal. An intentional violation of due process
by the fascists.

2. CPS targets its accusations and smears mainly by attaching
the word "sex" to almost every activity and conduct practiced
by that FLDS sect:

a. "Spirit Marriages: One could argue that all marriages
are "spiritual" ceremonies. What is the different between
a marriage by a Justice of the peace, and/or by a Captain
of the good ship lollipop, and a spirit marriage conducted
by an elder at that FLDS compound? I can suggest one big
difference. The FLDS marriages will reflect a greater
"commitment" to their vows and/or ceremony than nor-
mal non-spirit marriages.

The FLDS man who marries a wife stays married to her,
and sees to it that any kids born of that union are well fed,
healthy and happy. On the other hand, there are huge
numbers of divorces between couples that are not members
of FLDS. Accordingly, there are a large number of ex-
wives who are struggling to raise their kids as single moms.

Of course, a "spirit" marriage might also be defined as one
which is not officially recorded. That would be explained by
the fact that without such records there in no proof that a
husband has engaged in marriage to plural wives. So, to
practice a tenet of their beliefs/religion, they must resort to
sub-rosa marriages.

b. Sexual abuse and rape: There has been no evidence
whatever that there is any sex taking place outside of a
marriage. And, sex within a marriage is neither sexual
abuse or matter how the officials and media twist
the actual facts.

Of course, I don't doubt that some girls have chosen to
get married as early as 14 years of age. But no girls have
come forward to testify that they were "forced"into those
marriages... and none have complained that they are unable
to discontinue any such marriages should they wish to do so -
and/or to voluntarily leave that compound.

c. A more recent smear by those desperate zealots were
allegations that many boys had broken bones - insin-
uating that the men in that compound had intentionally
mistreated them psysically to the point of breaking their
bones. If, indeed, that is to be explored, then there should
be a disinterested and respected orthopedic surgeon
examine each such male child to obtain the truth about
such injury. But, it should be noted that not a single one
of those boys have come forward to reveal any such
psysical abuse?That did not dissuade Nancy Dis-grace
of CNN from slandering the doctor that treated those alleging that said doctor probably covered up
the abuses since he was aligned to FLDS. I only hope that
doctor sues CNN and Nancy Dis-grace for slander and
defamation of character.

3. Next, we have the allegations by CPS that these children
are being "conditioned" or brainwashed to live the kind of lives
they lead. Lord knows we are all being conditioned every day to
accept the idea that we must stay in Iraq and suffer those
human and financial costs in order to "stabilize"that country.
But, then, that conditioning has not/will not convince me.

CPS and Nancy Grace are conditioning us to believe that people
and groups are guilty untill proven innocent. Our children in
public schools are being conditioned to accept homosexuality,
lesbianism, and same sex marriages as being normal. They are
forced to read " Why susie has two mommas", and, "Daddy's live
-in friend". They are taught sex education in schools - where, in
the sixrh grade, they are learning to put condoms on cucumbers.

If parents are catholic, don't they have the right to condition
their children to believe in going to mass every Sunday; and
learn how to say their addition to confessing all
their sins to the priest in the booth? Don't the jews have the
right to teach their kids to eat kosher. Don't muslims have the
right to teach their kids the belief that one should not eat pork
because the meat is impure?

Then, why shouldn't FLDS parents have the right to"condition"
their children in their own religious beliefs and practices.
Perhaps we should turn over parental instruction of all our
children to CPS...who can teach them to become secular hypocrits
like themselves.

4. Undercover Agent?:
It was no long ago when we were told that all those accusations
and slander could be proved because there had been an
undercover agent working inside that coumpound. But during
the temporary hearing on custody of those kids, the state did
not produce any testimony from such person with first hand
knowledge of illegal acts. ANOTHER FAT LIE.They did produce
a psychologist - who is a hack for the state to help any kids that
manage to survive any atrocities caused by the government
(he treated the kids from the Davidian compound outside Waco).
He is a clone of that Dr Grigsby (known as Doctor Death) who
was a psychiatrist in Dallas County that the DA could always
count on to testify that a person, who the state wanted to
sentence to death, was a sociopath.

Finally, the idea that the courts might condition the release of
those children back to their parents on having them attend some
sort of indoctrination on how they should raise their children, is
too absurd to even contemplate. Many of the women in that sect
have probably mothered 4 or more children. And, they have
several other mothers to back them up in parental duties. Cer-
tainly, all parties involved in this case would agree that those kids
are clean, well-mannered and healthy. I would be willing to wager
that any kids being raised by those CPS feaks not only delinquents
but are probably smoking pot or doing meth. And, while their kids
may not be marrying older men, they have likely been sexually
active since they turned 14 (or younger).

If CPS is all that shocked that there are underage FLDS girls giving
birth, why don't they attempt to take the infants away from all
those nderage young girls in our society who are not members of
FLDS ..and have no husbands to support either those girls or their
infants. Instead, our society attempts to subsidize those girls with
Aid to Dependent Children; food stamps; subsidized housing;etc,etc.
There is something missing in the reasoning in this case. The
courts should apply a bit of common sense in trying to deal with
problems that do not exist - save and except for those that have
been created by the officials of the State ofTexas. The only pro-
tection that those children need is to be protected from CPS and
the predudice of that methodist judge against the FLDS's beliefs.


Where are those constitutional scholars who usually speak up for
the constitutional rights of the terrorists at Gitmo?

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