Friday, May 23, 2008



All of the state's grievous actions in it's gestapo
tactics, and justifications for such actions, has been
touted as doing so to "protect the children".

Well, what they have done has had the total op-
posite impact upon those children. Regardless of
the age of those mothers (or fathers), those children
were secure, sheltered and living in an environment
of love and happiness. They were bonded to their
mothers, and/or mothers ( as the case may be)

All of the psychological research has proven that
this early bonding and love is essential to develope-
ment of a well adjusted adult. Forensic psychology
has ample case studies which prove that serial killers
and others with psychotic or neurotic
personalities can, in many cases, be traced back
to a lack of any bonding of love and affection as a child.
A feeling of being secure and protected also plays a
major role in healthy development.

When the state tore those children away from
their parents, they could not possibly process or
understand what was happening to them. Most
will feel that they have done something wrong
...and will feel the anguish of guilt and fear in
being separated from that bonding. Then you
add to that a strange and unfamiliar living
environment and the child is even more fright-
ened and confused.

Did that District Judge or CPS take any of this
harm to the child in consideration when they
arbitrarily and arrogantly engineered that
invasion to "protect those children"?

And, then, when the news comes out, via the
the mental health workers, that, instead of trying
to comfort those children, the behavior of the CPS
staff toward those children and mothers was un-
believably mean, uncaring and nasty. They were
simply treated as inmates in a maximum security

It was reported that even during the birth of a
baby to one of the girls, there were two of the
CPS staff in the delivery room to kidnap the baby
right after birth. (did they think that baby would
come out and start running to get away?)

Any gynecologist will tell you that the bonding
of mother and baby right after birth is especially
important . Finally, a mothers should breast feed
her baby for at least 2-3 months to give the
baby a healthy immune system. One more proof
of callous indifference by CPS.


axis said...

how you can defend this pedophilia cult is beyond me

chartelle said...

I am not a FLDS lover...I am a lover of the Constitution. Also, as a libertarian, I resent government running berserk over the right of the people to worship as they please. You don't have to sit in that pew if you don't want to...choose your own pew.That is what "freedom" is all about. You can't expect to impose your values on others. Besides, until several years ago, Texas law permitted 14 year olds to marry(with permission of Parents).

There are a multitude of underage
girls who are sexually active...and getting pregnant without any husband (or husbands)to support the girl or the infant. But in those cases the government rushes in to provide social services -GO FIGURE.