Monday, June 2, 2008



Besides the action of CPS in wrongfully seizing those
children, under authority of that megalomaniac judge
(I now feel a better term for her is, the" incubus"), this
coerced agreement - as to conditions for their release
- is absolutely ridiculous. I would hope that such an
agreement does not reflect the legal skills of the attor-
neys for FLDS and the children...but,instead, was only
signed because of the urgency to terminate the emotional
and mental stress which those children have been endur-
ing as captives of the state.

One would expect such agreement to be accepted only if
CPS had proven all of the vile accusations and speculations
they have used to justify their abuses of authority. But the
rulings by the higher courts, in effect, said such actions
by CPS ,together with the lack of a fair, impartial and con-
stitutional judicial process/proceeding, conducted by that
incubus, could not stand. In short, she was rebuked by
the 3rd Court of Appeals (not reversed and remanded).
Therefore, under that reality, how does she have any legal
standing to impose such harsh conditions and restrictions?
Indeed, such strictures are not even imposed upon a
career criminal let out of prison on parole....or a person on

I can only hope those attorneys for FLDS and children
added in that agreement, "this agreement is signed under
protest and duress...and does not constitute any waiver of
defendants right to appeal this agreement, or pursue any
other legal actions which defendants may take in response to
those actions by officials of the state of Texas in wrongfully
entering the private property of FLDS without probable cause,
and illegally seizing and holding the children of FLDS mem-
bers against their will - and , in violation of the protections
afforded to all US citizens under provisions of the Constitution
of the United States.

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