Wednesday, June 4, 2008



Great Scott ! ! - and we call this the land of the free and the
home of the brave? On my blog, I was about to write a post
implying that that whole FLDS raid was a conspiracy...mainly
involving one state legislator (Harvey Hildebran), local officials
(Sheriff David Doran) and a judge(Walther) - in whose court
they, undoubtedly, had the assurance that she would set aside
judicial integrity in favor of making rulings from the bench con-
sistent with the goals of that run FLDS out of the
state of Texas (while egreiously violating the civil rights of that
religious group in the process).

But, thanks to the fine investigative reporting efforts of the
Dallas Morning News we now have hard evidence that it was
indeed a conspiracy, but on a massive state wide scale...going
all the way up to the governor's office (and showing his com-
plicity in said conspiracy). It has been reported that these
same players are now trying to contrive criminal charges
against some of the members of FLDS.

Well, lets put the shoe on the other foot. My advice to FLDS
is not to lay back again and simply be grateful for getting the
children back.If you truly want to be left alone you must
stand up for your rights by going on the offense. Get a rec-
ognized civil rights attorney and file a civil rights suit in the
federal court for actual and punitive damages (including in-
junctive relief against state and local officials from further inter-
ferece in your religious freedoms), I think you can win a large
monetary award against these weasels for their compiracy to
violate your civil rights.

But even more important, file a civil rights complaint with the
US Justice department against all those conspirators who know-
ingly, willfullly and intentionally set out to violate your civil
rights. Its time to start putting these weasels under criminal order to deter others who, in the future, would
attempt to use their official capacities to violate the constitu-
tional rights of individuals or groups. Lets hope the national
media will finally start reporting the extent of this outrage.


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