Wednesday, September 17, 2008


After the invasion of the yfz ranch, and the state's actions under the direction and authority of that biased and despicable judge Walthers, I began a blog to point out why - in my humble opinion - that raid was a clearly perceptible insult to, and abuse of, those rights set forth in the US Constitution.

Also, the facts (as we know them),in addition to legal precedents related thereto, does not even began to excuse the obvious prejudicial persecution by that judge Walthers of the adults in that compound. But, more importantly, separating those young children from their mothers - and, thus, causing them to be traumatically scarred, does not begin to compare with any accusations of sexual abuse by reason of an underage marriage.

But as to facts and law:

1. We now know that the girl held hostage was a hoax. But,it can be adduced that that raid was set up between certain state legislative officials, Sheriff Doran, and Judge Walthers. So, since the "reasonable cause" to raid that compound relied upon that false hostage hoax, the seizure of any files or other material should be excluded in any trial to prosecute members of that sect (as "fruit from the poisonous tree").

2. Also, the fact that buses were part of that raid clearly demonstrates that such pretext to invade that compound was mainly for the purpose of kidnapping those children. The state has claimed that their observation of a pregnant underage teen was sufficient cause to take ALL of the children. BUT, AN EXCEPTION DOES NOT PROVE THE RULE.

3. Then,in an attempt to justify that rash action, CPS and their hacks starting questioning those children as soon as they got on the bus. Who taught them that young children and toddlers could be grilled about their families without a parent or attorney ad litem present? Also,CPS made a big to do about the children and their parents lack of "cooperation". Has anybody told them that citizens have a right to remain silent? Its called their "Miranda" rights.

4.The only reason the state (CPS) is still trying to prosecute(persecute)those sect members is their bitterness in not
being able to prevail in court in the attempt to pacify that county's tight ass baptist populace.

5. Finally, a major reason that the Third Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court went against that arrogant judge is that the violations of due process were so blatant, a removal of this case to
a federal court would,undoubtedly, result in a ruling in favor of those defendants. And, no lower court likes to be embarrassed with a decision and opinion overturning them. Especially, where a federal
forum might spank a state court with an adverse opinion.Chartelle

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